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Distinctively Christian

Classical Beginnings Tutorial believes that all creation is under the lordship of Christ, including education. Therefore, all subjects will be taught from a historic Christian worldview.  In this way, CBT is distinctively Christian.  

Distinctively Classical

Our curriculum is based upon the trivium, a methodology that integrates the stages of learning with a child's development. Our focus is on the grammar stage, which takes advantage of a young child's aptitude for memorization. Children will develop skills in phonics, spelling, reading, writing, math, Bible memory, science, and Latin. In this way, CBT is distinctively Classical.

Distinctively Tutorial

We also believe that parents are the primary educators of their child. We do not exist to replace that valuable and essential role. Rather, we come alongside parents to assist in achieving a solid academic foundation for their child. In this way, CBT is distinctively a Tutorial.

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