Kindergarten through Fifth Grade


Latin, Science, Homework Club, and Administrator


Sheila Cook

Kindergarten + Latin

I have loved teaching at a homeschool tutorial program for the past 15 years. It has been the fruitful convergence of experience and calling. I have always loved engaging with young children, raising our 4 children, running a home childcare service, teaching Sunday school, homeschooling, and loving my grandchildren. Teaching 5 and 6 year olds to read and seeing them successfully introduced to a career of learning gives me great satisfaction.  I taught Latin for several years which delighted mother’s sense of humor since I needed tutoring in Latin when I was in 10th grade!  I have been trained as a reading specialist who can provide private tutoring for struggling readers.

I was born and raised in Canada, came to know Christ during the years I studied in Switzerland and married an Englishman, who I have followed to more than one continent. Paddy is an ordained minister who serves as an Evangelist to Europe with Reformed Evangelistic Fellowship. The youngest of our 4 children is an emerging artist here in Chattanooga and our three older children are settled in their own families and work. Our nine grandchildren are a constant reminder of the Lord’s covenant faithfulness as well as a living illustration of how necessary and valuable the support of a ministry like Classical Beginnings Tutorial is to young families.