Kindergarten through Fifth Grade


Latin, Science, Homework Club, and Administrator


Sheila Cook


I have loved teaching at a homeschool tutorial program for the past 14 years. It has been the fruitful convergence of experience and calling. I have always loved engaging with young children, raising our 4 children, running a home childcare service, teaching Sunday school, homeschooling, and loving my grandchildren. Teaching 5 and 6 year olds to read and seeing them successfully introduced to a career of learning gives me great satisfaction. I taught Latin for several years which delighted mother’s sense of humor since I needed tutoring in Latin when I was in 10th grade! I have been trained as a reading specialist who can provide private tutoring for struggling readers.

I was born and raised in Canada, came to know Christ during the years I studied in Switzerland and married an Englishman, who I have followed to more than one continent. Paddy is an ordained minister who serves as an Evangelist to Europe with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. The youngest of our children has just finished his BFA and our three older children are settled in their own families and work. Our nine grandchildren are a constant reminder of the Lord’s covenant faithfulness as well as a living illustration of how necessary and valuable the support of a ministry like Classical Beginnings Tutorial is to young families.